Assist aircraft owners to ferry their aircraft from one place to another in North America. Flights can be done with the pilot only or with the assistance of the owner.

Appointments for maintenance

You must do maintenance or your annual checks , but you can’t move your aircraft to the maintenance workshop. CDN Aviation will help you by moving your aircraft for you.

Need a simple move of your aircraft

You move within North America, but you do not have time to fly your plane to your new home. Again, CDN Aviation will do it for you.

You are buying or You are selling

You have just purchased an aircraft, but you are in the unavailability to pick it up. You just sold an aircraft, but you do not have anyone to flight it to the future owner. In both cases, look no further, CDN Aviation will do it for you.

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About us

CDN Aviation is corporation created and managed by pilots whose service of aircraft ferry flying within North America. Based in the city of Montreal, in Canada. We offer you a service that is safe and efficient for Canadian and American registered aircraft.

Our pilots have experience in teaching and flying operations on several types of aircraft. Our range is limited to North America.

Authorized Radio Operator Examiner (Aeronautical)

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Montréal, Canada

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